Portland woman charged with bias crimes after telling food cart operator to ‘go back to Mexico’

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland woman has been charged with multiple bias crimes after she told the operator of a food cart to “go back to Mexico,” poured soda on the victims head and spat on food being cooked, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said.

Sierra Lavonne McDonald, 30, was indicted by a grand jury Monday for harassing and attacking Anna Rosa Vizzuetti-Calle, who operates the Mexican food cart in Southeast Portland.

Court documents say McDonald repeatedly became hostile and verbally abusive toward Vizzuetti-Calle without provocation.

The operator told police that on September 21, McDonald had harassed her over the phone, saying “Go back to Mexico” and “Nobody wants your food,” among other things. 

At the cart that day, she had poured a can of soda on Vizzuetti-Calle’s head and the chicken she was grilling. 

Lara called police, but McDonald returned to the cart later, screamed at her, stabbed at her with a wooden stake and spat on more chicken. 

According to court documents, Lara suffered a heart attack later that day due to stress from the harassment.

When police contacted McDonald, she yelled at them, then claimed Lara and the food cart were racist because they served white people faster than they served her, the court documents said.

McDonald pleaded not guilty to 11 counts from the incidents, including one felony and four misdemeanor bias crimes. Other charges include menacing and unlawful use of a weapon.

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