‘A rock could kill someone’: Window-breaking vandals target NE Portland neighborhood

PORTLAND, Ore. — Police are investigating several cases of vandalism involving broken windows in Northeast Portland’s Irvington neighborhood. Since January, neighbors told KGW they’ve counted more than 20 incidents of windows in homes and cars being broken out.

“You feel little bit vulnerable,” said Les Goldmann, whose kitchen window was broken on New Year’s Day, after someone threw an orange at it. “This is not a good thing, it’s an aggressive, violent act.”

Carolyn Zwartjes-Molberg said on Sunday night, someone threw a piece concrete through the front window of her home near Northeast 13th and Thompson Street. She said her 6-year-old son was putting together a puzzle in the living room just feet from where shattered glass landed.

“We heard a crash, glass shattering and a bang,” said Zwartjes-Molberg. “He just screamed very frightened running to us saying ‘I’m scared, I’m scared!’”

A few days before that and a block away, someone threw a rock at Todd Ritter’s house, breaking the window of his kids’ bathroom.

“Glass sort of sprayed all out,” said Ritter. “Everyone was in bed, no one was hurt but there have been at least a dozen incidents I’ve learned about.”

Ritter said he’s working with neighbors to help police catch whoever is responsible for the vandalism.

“If people have any video evidence, that seems to be pretty powerful in helping police do something about it,” said Ritter, hoping people would check surveillance cameras or install them to help deter future attacks.

Zwartjes-Molberg hopes that will help.

“A rock could kill someone if it hit them in the wrong place,” she said. “The glass could kill someone.”

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