Timbers’ T2 team staying connected virtually

PORTLAND, Ore. — One of the ways many of us are getting through the tough times of social distancing and isolation is staying connected to others virtually. The Portland Timbers USL club, T2, is doing just that.

They’ve done online workouts together and they’re constantly challenging each other on and off the pitch.

“We have a weekly leaderboard where the guys can compete with some challenges,” said T2 head coach Cameron Knowles. “Some are like physical things and some are a little lighter, like juggling toilet paper.”

This week, players stepped up their game in the kitchen.

“Our club chef and nutritionist put out a culinary challenge. They got delivered the ingredients to their house and they had to make a meal,” Knowles said.

The players submitted photos of their work and judged them. Some took a creative approach using the ingredients to create a T2 logo.

“We’re trying to throw in different things each week that can keep the guys engaged, keep them connected and competing with each other on a different scale, Knowles explained.

The winners of this week’s challenge were Max Ornstil, Marcus Epps, Jake Leeker and Harold Hanson.      

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