Racist graffiti in Coos Bay, officials ask for help identifying culprit

Coos Bay Police Department and City staff are asking for the community’s help to identify the persons responsible.

COOS BAY, Ore. — Coos Bay City Manager Rodger Craddock says they’ve seen several individual acts of graffiti in town over the last six weeks. That includes a Nazi tagging on the bus shelter near Mingus Park and then another on a pump station on city property.   

“There is an uptick right now but there is a lot of social unrest at the moment and it’s unknown if it’s one person or many persons.”

One particular graffiti on a fence in the Empire District, received a lot of social media attention saying “no (n-word) zone.” 

Craddock says a report was made on June 19, but the racist graffiti on the privately owned fence remained for several days before a concerned neighbor removed it. 

“I can tell you, that the fence after it had been cleaned off, it got tagged again and this time it said black lives matter.” He says graffiti on city property was removed as soon as the staff was made aware of it. 

The Coos Bay police department and city staff are asking for the community’s help to identify the person or persons responsible for the racist graffiti. “It’s under Oregon’s statute, it’s a bias crime, it’s in a misdemeanor, as I understand it. So it could be punishable by a year in jail.”

Craddock says Coos Bay has always had a problem with graffiti, but the uptick in racist tagging is new.

“I think this is the heinous acts of one or two people, I am no way believe that this is evidence of systemic racism in our community.”

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