How do I vote if I’ve been evacuated or lost my house in a wildfire?

PORTLAND, Ore. — Hundreds of Oregonians have lost their homes in wildfires so far, and many more have been evacuated from their homes because of the threat of wildfires.

With Election Day just 50 days away, and mail-in ballots being sent out in mid-October, many Oregonians are rightfully asking how displaced individuals will be able to vote.

People who don’t have permanent housing – or no housing at all – can still vote. The same goes if you’ve lost your home in the fires. You need to provide a residential address and a mailing address for your voter registration.

The residential address can be the address of a shelter or somewhere else you’re staying.

The mailing address is where your actual ballot will be delivered. If your mailing address is your home that burned down or was evacuated, your ballot will not be delivered.

Instead, you can put down the address of where you’re staying, a PO box, or even the county elections office. If you do that, you can pick up your ballot at the elections office and return it there, to any mailbox or use a ballot drop box.